Choose From a Variety of Training

Services include, but are not limited to:

One on One Training

With one on one training you will receive personalized training based on individual needs and abilities. Whether you have worked with a trainer before or if this is your first time, James can create a personal program that will get you where you want to be.

Partner or Group Training

This is perfect for couples, co-workers, friends, family or anyone who prefer to exercise in a group. These programs can be customized to meet the shared goals of the group or can be designed such that each individual receives a program personalized to their specific needs and capabilities.

Online or Virtual Training

Can't make it to the gym? James offers sessions through Skype/FaceTime. These programs are tailored to the traveling professional or avid jet setter.

In-Home Training

James can also come to you. You can reach your fitness goals in the convenience of your home or any location you prefer.

Sports Training and Conditioning

Whether you're getting ready for football, soccer, or tennis James offers custom-made programs that prepare athletes for their respective sports. This includes agility, speed, strength and more.

And More

If you are hesitating over a choice of a suitable training plan, send us a letter with any questions you have.

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